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Auto Blog Posting to Assist your Links

BizRAS Auto Blog Posting Lets You Write the Links Back to Your Main Site


Each BizRAS Auto Blog Post System Plan on the Auto Blog Posting Sign Up Page  can send up to 20 posts per day with a maximum of 1 post per hour and posting the same post can go to a maximum of 10 WordPress Blog Sites that you own.     Each WordPress Blog site you site up for can have its own unqiue header and footer which makes every post unique.

You can set up auto posting to your existing FaceBook and Twitter accounts.  This means you dont have to log into FaceBook nor Twitter to post but all your posts can be handled from 1 Web location by  your BizRAS Auto Blog Post System.  Since you own these blog sites and FaceBook and Twitter accounts, then you can write good posts with links back to your main site.